Alex Parisi, Designer
Tucson, Arizona USA

Alex Parisi is a graphic designer with over 17 years of professional experience in designing brand identities, interactive user interfaces, and visual concepts fit for any medium. He currently serves as the creative director at Sonder Agency.

My experience has positioned me as a versatile creative specialist with a wide range of skills, blending beautiful design with intelligent strategy. I approach every project with curiosity and care. I look to forge a union where artistry, information, aesthetics, functionality, and fashion converge in harmony. I firmly believe that style possesses inherent substance, and I am committed to the idea that impactful design and effective communication benefit all. The service I deliver has proven to be of value for a diverse collection of organizations, both big and small, across many industries. However, my best work is still ahead.

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Branding & Identity
Layout Design
Typography & Illustration
Creative Direction
Concept Development
Leadership & Collaboration
Strategic Thinking
UI/UX Design
Wireframing & Prototyping
Information Organization

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